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  • Defy Scale.

  • Defy Perception.

  • Defy Perspective.

  • Defy Expectations.

Defy Scale.

Defy Perception.

Defy Perspective.

Defy Expectations.

Gentlemen, welcome.

DEFIANT™ Fashion & Accessories

Eagle Mentality

DEFIANT™ Fashion & Accessories for Men

Looking for manly exclusivity and oustanding quality? You've found it!
·       WOLF/RAM74™ offers the best-in-class Tungsten jewellery and carries some weight...
·       MYTHOS™ prides itself on it's uncomplicated design and ultra-lightweight Titanium craftsmanship.
·       STEELTIGER™ creates the most durable and intriguing stainless steel jewellery ever.

When you shop with DEFIANT™, you get:
·       Meticulously curated items.
·       Best-in-class Personal Service.
·       Speedy Courier Delivery as soon as your payment clears.
·       Locally stocked items. No waiting for international deliveries from China, USA or wherever else.
·       No hidden or extra costs you're going to be surprised by from SA Customs.
·       Additional [BACK ORDER] channel available through a trusted European counterpart, for those hard-to-find items.


If you're uncertain but you want to try shopping for your mens items with us we'd like to convince you of our great products and service. Please take advantage of a one-time opportunity we offer New customers to use Discount Code TRYOUT at Checkout to SAVE 5% on your first order.

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